Home Delivery from Girly Girl Greens

We offer home delivery to the Duvall area every week. You will receive 4 individual, 5x5" microgreen blocks that are uncut when delivered. This allows the maximum flavor and quality to be preserved. Simply cut them as needed.

Choose your own varieties to keep your order the same or let us rotate them for you. We will provide basic care instructions. Cancel anytime. The cost is $18 per week ($72/month). Find out more at girlygirlgreens.com/home-delivery

Fill out the form and we will contact you via email about the soonest we can offer delivery and create an invoice. You can pay online with credit/debit, Apple Pay, Zelle, etc. Further details will be given when we contact you.

Look for an email from Bronte Austin ([email protected]).

    We respect your privacy and do not sell your information.